Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not quite dead yet.

No the blog isn't dead.  It's just been sleeping.  I've got a couple of good posts ideas churning around in my head, but not quite ready to pop out of the oven.  But in the interest of sating the appetites of all my ravenous blog readers, I thought I'd just post something weird I heard on the radio.

Everyone has heard about people getting in car crashes because they were texting and driving at the same time.  Well according to the little news blurb on the radio, there is a new menace- people walking into each other because they are walking and texting at the same time!  Horror of horrors.  Don't worry though, the cellphone industry is hard at work researching groundbreaking technologies that will allow people to "speak their text" so that they can look where they are going while they walk.

Silly me, but I thought we already could communicate by speaking into our phone.  It's called MAKING A PHONE CALL.

I am not making this stuff up.

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