Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life and Taxes

There a LOTS of issues with Obamacare.  It's unconstitutional in a number of ways, but one that hasn't gotten much attention from many people, even most conservatives, and is probably the most frightening and dangerous aspect of the law is this:

It doesn't just nationalize health care.  It nationalizes.....you.

Government taxes our income, but you don't have to work.  It taxes our spending, but you could mooch off others if you really wanted to.  It taxes our property, but you could live without.  Even if they might be extreme, there's always been a way out. The government has taxed lots of things, but before Obamacare, it never taxed us.  And don't even think of committing suicide as a way out- it's illegal (plus it sends you to hell).

Under the new law, you and I, and everyone else is required to have health insurance.  If we don't buy health insurance, and not just any old health insurance, but government approved health insurance, we will be taxed- simply for being alive.  Think about that.  A tax for not doing something.  An un-sales tax.  An existence tax.

In the early 20th century it took a constitutional amendment for the Federal government to tax income.  Today congress has claimed the right to tax your very being simply by passing a law.  What a difference a century makes.

So if the government has the authority to tax you $650 simply for being alive, what about $1000 or $10000?  With the precedent set, there's no reason why it can't go up, and it will.  The idea that you owe the government even $1 for simply breathing should make any liberty loving person cringe.

Of course while this is a new and dangerous development in the American experiment*, when you look at human history it's anything but new.  In fact, there's a word for it- slavery.

*There is one thing comparable in US history.  The draft, which asserts the same claim that the government owns you, at least if you're 18 or older, born with a Y chromosome, and aren't a pacifist.

Monday, March 29, 2010


In the the Marine Corps "moto", as in motivation, is used as a noun, an adjective, and a verb.  Rather than trying to explain non-Jarhead minds how that's possible, I'll just give you a sample of some Memento Mori Moto....


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die. You can't beat that for a state motto. I mean seriously, New Hampshire has "Live Free or Die", and Washington state has...um..."By and By". Bottom line, when it comes to state mottos, Live free or Die rocks. I've always thought so.

But the other day while looking at Ron Paul, car magnets, I saw some with the famous Live Free or Die credo, and the thought occurred to me that it's not an either or proposition. If I live free...I'm still going to die. If I live in horrible slavery....I'll die then too. In any case, the dying part isn't optional. If it was there would be multitudes of Methuselahs running around New Hampshire.

The reason my brain wandered down this train of thought is probably because of two books I've been reading lately: Hard as Nails by Justin Fatica and Be a Man by Father Larry Richards. Both authors write about how they were drawn to Christ- as young men they came to the realization that they would die. "You're going to die, so get right with God" isn't very PC and isn't something you hear a lot of from the pulpit in most places. But that doesn't make it any less true. I'm going to die. You're going to die. We all are, and after we do, our souls will spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell. Either in glorious unity with God or fiery torment in Hell.

When you look at it that way, how we prioritize the limited time we have on earth really comes into focus. So that's where the name of my blog comes from: Live Free Memento Mori. "Live Free" because I'm very much in favor of freedom, as well as the sentiment behind Live Free or Die, and "Memento Mori" which is Latin for "remember death". That's my mission- keep my eye on eternity in the next world as I live my life in this one.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing

So, I'm doing something.

There certainly can be no mistake that evil is on the march in America. The nationalization of several automakers, most banks, the mortgage industry, the health insurance industry, and more within the past two years, on top of the already massive Federal monster that has existed since the days of FDR, creates it more and more likely that we and our children will live as serfs beholden to their government masters rather than citizens served by their elected representatives.

While President Obama is leading the march to American Empire right now, the frustrating thing is that both major political parties seem intent on the same destination (expansion of government, enslavement of the individual). The GOP just wants to take a little longer getting there than the Democrats.

Anyways, I need to be headed off, so I'll wrap this first post up. I'm starting this blog as a way to capture my thoughts and more importantly as a way to reach out to other likeminded individuals who don't want to see our liberty taken away. More later.