Monday, April 12, 2010

The problem with Republicans

Thus far on my blog I've been fairly critical of "the left".  So in the interest of being "Fair and Balanced", I'll take some time today to point out the two main problems I have with Republican politicians.

1)  They're politicians.

2)  They're Republicans.

The first, is a question of human nature and the temptation of those with power to do what they can to keep it and get more.  Politicians, Democrat, Republican, or any other kind, like to get reelected.  There's not necessarily anything wrong with that.  Where the "wrong with that" part comes in is where they decide to put getting reelected ahead of doing the right thing.

The second problem with Republicans is that they're Republicans.  I'm being serious.  Now, I'm not talking about all registered members.  I'm talking about those who are "party men" (or women).  These are generally those who have hitched their wagon to the horse that is the party machine- GOP party bureaucrats from the local to national level, a large number of professional "conservative" commentators and think tank thinkers, and the vast majority of elected office holders.  They are Republicans first and foremost, and that is a huge problem.  

Why?  Because there are no qualifications to be a Republican.  Sure the party platform says it's pro-life, pro-gun, fiscally conservative, and generally in favor of that thing called the Constitution.  But do you actually have to believe that to be a party member?  HAH!  You don't even have to pretend to believe it many cases.

So you're a pro-abortion, big-spending, big government "conservative"?  Hey you can be the Republican governor of California.

So you're in favor of rewarding illegal immigration, think a pro-abortion Democrat would make a great VP, and you're landmark piece of legislation is a whole-sale attack on Freedom of Speech...come on're GOP Presidential nominee John McCain!

Oh, you're a real Maverick, not a fake one like McCain, you just happened to be running with him, not that you supported his policies or anything, you know it's time for real change, the type of change that can only be brought about by....campaigning to reelect John McCain!  You're professional political "Maverick"  Sarah Palin!

You're a pro-life to the core Republican senator.  The other senator from your state is also in the GOP- except he's a gun grabbing, big spending, pro-abortion liberal.  Oh, and he's facing a tight primary challenge from an actual conservative.  What do you do?  Back the conservative would seem to be the obvious choice.  Hmmmm, maybe stay on the sidelines at least publicly out of professional courtesy (cowardice).  Naaaa.   You back the pro-abort, anti-gun, socialist simply because he has (R) next to his name when they show it on TV.  You're former PA Senator Rick Santorum!

One more.

You think Obama and Pelosi will be the death of this country.  You can't stand how they are trampling on the constitution.  Everyone knows that this massive government expansion into health care is a horrible idea, and the slush fund bailouts aren't any better.  Oh wait.  Except that you voted for a massive expansion of Government run health care a few years back and you voted for massive slush fund bailouts too.  Well, that was different, because, well, you see, things were more constitutional back then...because Republicans were in charge.  You're most of the Republicans in the congress and former President G.W. BUSH!!!!!

Oh yeah- you support unconstitutional, undeclared wars as well as the travesty that is the Patriot Act.  Lets not forget about those.

All this is why the "principled" stand the GOP is making against Obama right now doesn't help their credibility at all.  Don't get me wrong, it doesn't hurt it, but it doesn't help either.  Right now their principles and their politics coincide.    Railing against Obama is the right thing to do AND good politics for GOP politicians in an election year.

I could go on and on.  The bottom line is this:

The GOP and the Democratic party both want to take this country to the same destination, and where we're headed isn't pretty.  A society dominated by a massive federal government with unchecked powers that regulates every area of your life, where the Constitution is a quaint historical oddity.  BOTH parties want to take us there.  That's not me talking crazy talk.  That's me putting more stock in what Republicans have actually done while in power then what they say on the campaign trail.  The only difference between the parties is that Republicans want to take longer to fully implement this new order.  The Dems want to increase spending 15%?  The "conservatives" in congress will draw a hard line....and only vote to increase it 12%.

Just so you know that I know what I'm talking about and don't dismiss me as some stealth Leftist trying to sew discontent among the GOP faithful:

1) I'm a registered Republican.
2) I'm an Iraq War vet.
3) I voted for Bush twice.
4) I'm a fully recovered G.W. Bush zombie.

I've woken up.  I hope lots of other people do too.

This post is meant to educate and persuade, not to push anyone over the cliff into the chasm of despair, because while I know it looks bad (because it is), there's alway hope.  I'll get more into who I do like politically (hint one guy starts with Ron and ends with aul) in the future.  For now, I'll just say pray, work hard, trust in the Lord.  Believe what someone does over what they say.  Say what you mean.  Do what you say.


Mike Tomashewski said...

I despise the Republican party. After the last election, I switched my registration to the Constitution party. In one prior post you nailed it when you said that they want to go in the same direction as the Democrats, but just slower.

I sincerely think that the founders made a severe mistake without having term limits in the constitution. THey seemed to think that politicians would be of the people and not evolve into a professional class.

That Santorum move drove me crazy as well.

I'm very hopeful that the tea party movement continues to screen republicans who want to hitch onto their wagon.

Andrew said...

A post from someone I'm not married to!

Mike&Kristy said...

Andrew - I check this blog almost daily and I am very upset that you have not updated in almost 2 weeks!! I seriously doubt that not one thing has happened in the world that you don't have an opinion on. Back to blogging, please:)